Why Would People Buy My Novel When I’m Giving it Away For Free?

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I’m writing an ongoing, episodic serial novel. Basically, it’s a collection of short stories with a story arc. My plan is to publish the novel for free on its own website as well as selling it. People have pointed out that this is a stupid idea. Why would somebody buy my novel when they can read it for free? These people make a great point. However, allow me to explain why this may not be a bad idea.

It Creates Demand

I write short stories and I post them online for free to give people a taste of my writing style. Writing a novel, however, is slightly different. When it comes to writing a novel, you need to extend the story. Some of the ways to do that is to stretch out the dialogue, develop the characters, etc. Then again, you don’t want your story to be a train-wreak either. If I give away my first novel for free, and people like it, it could create a demand for future novels.

It Gives People Options

My plan is to post my novel it’s own website and make money with ads. However, some people may not like that. Some people prefer to download stories on their phones, or read them in print.

Think of it as a freemium story

This is a stretch, but you could think of my story as a freemium story. If you buy my story, you could get the following:

  • The ability to read it on your phone offline.
  • Bonus content.

If I plan on writing an entire novel series, you could read my first novel for free. If you like this novel, you can pay to read the rest.

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