Why do authors create blogs to promote their books?

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Why would I start a blog to promote my books when I can pay for a TV or a radio ad? There are four reasons that I can think of off the top of my head.

You create demand.

First off, if you’re a new author, nobody will be willing to read your book if they are not familiar your writings. Some new authors create blogs to publish free short stories, free novels, derivative works, articles, etc. The purpose of this is to create a demand for your books.

You want to discuss your book.

Authors may also create blogs to discuss their works as well. The more you talk about your book, the more people may be willing to buy it.

It’s cheap

To create a blog to promote your book and to share your blog post on social media, is a hell of a lot cheaper than paying for a TV or a radio ad.

It’s an extra source of income.

Bloggers, webcomic artists, YouTubers, and other content creators make money with ad revenue, merchandise, and crowdfunding. So, you can make money with your books, as well as your blog.

Readers Need Information

Readers need information about your book such as where to buy it, and contact information. A blog or a website can provide with such information.

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