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Townie Place Classifieds: Townie Place Classifieds is a free classifieds page on Facebook. We use to Townie Place Classifieds to advertise our own products and services as well.

Advertising via Crowdfunding: You can advertising on my site at a low cost by donating to my  Patreon account. The types of ads I can create include ad banners, social media marketing, and sponsored blog posts.

Content Licence: I offer third-party sources to use my content under a content licence.

Web Design: Anybody can design a website using WordPress or Wix. You can easily pick a template. However, thousands of people are using the same template. Besides, what if that template isn’t right for your website? Do you just place widgets randomly, just because it looks nice?

For an affordable price, I can pick the right template for your business, customize it to the point where it looks like your own, and strategically place the widgets on your site as well as strategically create your menus. I can also add the content on the site for you, as well as host your site.

Digital Marketing: I can create engaging and original content to promote your product and service on your company’s website, as well as your social media page. I can also interact with customers via social media as well.

Loans Townie Place Media is start-up that helps other start-ups and small businesses. So, I provide small loans through Lending Loop.